Announcement of pricing adjustment

Mar 23,2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, and other systems. Definitely, it is a disaster which we did not experience before. During this period, lots of things and thoughts are subverted. Normally thinking, the international corporations are strong that could operate in different regions, however, COVID has been nibbling many companies which never start-up again.

It is no double that the life is more priority than others, most of the companies, institutions are closed to keep their staff in safety, because the contacts may lead to more inter-infections. Look back to the first confirmed cases, there are 14 months passed, many countries control the COVID well like China, and developed the vaccines for its citizens which should be proud of our wisdom and efforts. In contrast, there are still some regions where they are struggling to be out it, and the factories keep being closed to against the COVID. As a result, the supplying of such products is in a short. As it happens, many of them are the manufacturers of raw materials, like the semi-conductor. Maybe you have aware that lots of the manufacturers of electronic products have announced that their selling prices are increased. No one would like to destroy the relations with clients by increasing prices recklessly. It is a hard time for the manufacturing industry for the supply and demand of raw materials. Gaozhi is one of them who suffer the costs increasing. Partly estimated, the prices of electronic accessories have 10-20% increased. For the Hisilicon chipset, it is several times than that of before. Hereby, it is so sad to say that, the prices of our wifi cameras should be adjusted. For details, pls check with our sales. Obviously, it is a hard time for the whole world, but it would be better by our joint efforts, thanks for all your understandings and support.

Tomorrow would be another day.



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