2018 Badminton Friendly Match

Dec 14,2018

As a start-up technology company, there are lots things waitting for us, like in-house management,

new home security wifi camera development, technical solution design, getting in touch of leading techonology and so on.

Frankly, we are a young family, all of us are investing all passion in works day after day.

In passed half a year, we are engaged in the technical solution of protocal ODM (RTMP, RTSP, ONVIF, HLS)

Whilst, our cameras could be workable with our client APP and private cloud on the basis of open SDK

Furthermore, we have the experiece of building APP and private cloud for our clients freely

What a amazing 6-months in Gaozhi history!


In order to enrich the staff's cultural life, improve the physical fitness of employees, and promote employee emotional exchanges, 

Gaozhi Technology successfully held the first badminton competition in the Olympic Stadium from November 15 to 21, 2018.

The success of the competition not only enriched everyone's spare time, but also enhanced everyone's interest in physical exercise. 

More importantly, it strengthened communication and contact between departments during the competition, 

which enhanced everyone's friendship.

After this, let's move to new projects of 4G WIFI Camera, Solar Powered Wifi Camera and Face Recognition Wifi Cameras.







We are not the best but we are always on the way to be better.



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