New Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is Shining Coming

Jul 31,2020

Gaozhi Technology has been launched the new infrared thermal imaging camera system (GZ-RCX-J07) on April 17th to the market fighting against the current epidemic situation. The use of dual light sensors allows fast and wide-angle temperature scanning to avoid physical contact during the measurement of body temperature and reduce the risk of infection.

New Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is Shining Coming

With the accuracy of up to +0.3℃ of up to 6 targets detected at the same time, even identifying those with face masks, the latest thermal cameras can detect in real-time, raised body temperatures in moving crowds.

This includes analysis in all susceptible scenarios such as airports, stations, and campus facilities, and has proven effective for visitors to work environments, commuters, and passengers. 

The best thermal imaging camera system allows you to see and measure temperature differences accurately and from a safe distance, so have proven to detect fevers during previous epidemics latest camera technology, features a built-in AI algorithm for multi-person measurements up to 3m distances, enabling fast and non-contact access. It can then sound an alarm when it encounters an elevated level.

It's essential to mention that cameras will not scan directly for the virus. Indeed a slightly increased temperature does not necessarily mean that a person has COVID-19 and, by the same sentiment, not having a temperature is not an indication that someone does not have the illness.


Features Make Our Body Temperature Screening Thermal Imaging System DIFFERENT.

1) Support APP, the web also, you could check the concerned-area temperature at any time anywhere

2) Support cloud storage: the alarm videos, pictures could be stored in your own cloud

3) The infrared thermal camera could talk with our own server directly without the monitor, which will save your costs of monitors. It is largely helpful for your centralized management

4) All software like APP, WEB, PC even firmware in camera support secondary development, you could use your own software to manage this thermal imaging camera system

5) AI embedded: the system could be integrated with facial recognition, mask detection, and other algorithms

6) All processes are running in cameras only, there is no pressure on your platform

These are the real R & D, real ODM, not only labeling products, branding boxes...



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