The advantage of body temperature screening thermal imaging system

Jul 06,2021

INEWCAM thermal imaging body temperature screening system combine the thermometric thermal imaging and visible light of intelligent face detection technology, the detection distance is 1- 6 meters away from the object to receive body temperature detection, not easy to cause antipathy and panic of the detected person. The security checker can rapidly check human thermometric screening to locate the over-temperature person and isolate potential epidemic personnel. In the outbreak of epidemic infectious diseases to achieve early detection, early isolation, overcome the traditional thermometer, forehead thermometer and ear thermometer only for individual measurement, time-consuming, easy cross-infection and other deficiencies, so you can control the spread of the epidemic, reduce casualties. This thermal imaging system could be widely used in airports, railway stations, subway stations, passenger stations, hospitals, banks, schools, enterprises and institutions, business halls, supermarkets, conference centers, parks, factories, enterprises, construction sites and other public places and all kinds of production centers centralized office space and other areas.

The advantage of body temperature thermal imaging system

Dual light conbination is "micro-light thermal imaging camera" dual channel. It simultaneously uses infrared and micro-optical technology to image at different wavelengths, detecting the two-dimensional geometric space of the target and a quasi-spectral information simultaneously, and then use certain image processing algorithms to analyze and process the multi-band image, make full use of the useful information in various channels to synthesize the image. The use of dual-light human body temperature measurement thermal imaging system, can be quickly investigated, so that the rapid and orderly passage of personnel, not because of the epidemic control, affecting the normal entry and exit of personnel, that can effectively prevent the epidemic, but also can not affect the normal work life. Dual-light thermal imaging body temperature measurement system has the characteristics of contactless detection, high-precision body temperature screening, abnormal body temperature warning. In the 6-meter range, can be non-contact way to detect the body temperature of incoming and outgoing personnel quickly, the temperature measurement accuracy of this body temperature thermal screening system reach 0.3, sensitivity as 0. 1 degrees, when there is a person's temperature exceeds the alarm temperature threshold, such as suspected fever and other circumstances, the device will alarm, remind the entry staff for further inspection, changing the means of close range & contact tradditional temperature measurement .



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