How to use the Digi I/O of home security IP camera?

Nov 09,2018

Nowadays, some smart home security IP camera comes with alarm input and output (I/O) ports. 

With these port of IP the home seucrity camera,  the smart home device could be connected and integrated. 

Hereby,we'd like to introcue you the G6plus PTZ home security IP camera which comes with 2 pairs alarm in & alarm out ports.

The alarm I/O are built on the back panel of home camera included green connector block. 

Step 1: Connection to an I/O external device (Input/Output)

Refer to the chart below for the interface of alarm I/O, insert the suitable wire of external device into corresponding ports.


Step2: Get the IP address of the home camera by "IPsearch" or other tools       

Step3: Input the IP address in the browser

         * Login the page with password 

          * After accessing the home camera main menu, select event > Alarm in out 

         * On the digital IO screen, pls choose the Active model for alarm in & alarm out.

         * The Actions like Email,Snap, Siren could be configured in this page

How to test the Digi I/O of home security IP camera?

Notes: 1) Several version of G6plus are available currently, if you need this camera comes with Digi I/O function, pls let us know when ordering.

            2) There will be relating button in our "iEagalecam" to send the signal to control OPEN/CLOSE of gate/door/curtain

            3) For your better understanding of this operation, pls refer to the below video:



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