features of fever detection thermal imaging camera

Dec 18,2020

Based on the new requirements of the market for fever detection thermal imaging camera in product performance, structure lightening, cost and intelligence, product stability and so on. 

This thermal imaging camera represent newer requirements and trends in consumption in the market.

1. Video output can be Ethernet output, can be used with a computer for TV display or big wall screening

2. This fever detection thermal camera is worable for NVR, PC, convenient for different types of operation.

3. The visible light & thermal imaging synchronous detect the faces, visible light for people recognition and thermal imaging for temperature detection

4. The black body provides standard temperature calibration on site, which will not cause temperature measurement deviation due to the difference of the environment.

    (It requires an individual purchase)

5. Infrared Thermal Imaging Support 206*192, visible video support 1080P.

6. It could display thermal video, visiable video at the same time, or just show one of them

7. Video ouput: thermal imaging camera could be connected with PC or NVR directly by ethernet cable

8. Support for face detection and mask detection.

9. Intelligent positioning of the forehead temperature, accuracy error less than 0.3 °C.

10. Temperature overruns occur, local anomalies can occur, and data can be uploaded to the Command Center.

11. For people with Super High body temperature, they can automatically take visible facial photos and archive them for easy tracing.



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