Gaozhi ---- rising security solution provider

Sep 18,2018

Gaozhi, a premier provider of advance security products and solutions, all kinds of smart home cameras for indoor and outdoor and all round security solutions to meet your different security solution needs, protecting family and assets, guarding home and business.Gaozhi ---- rising security solution provider


Our expert tenical team of security engineers and consultants are dedicated to provide you affordable and creative security products solutions. 

Skilled on TUTK and other P2P Server and Streaming Media Server, such as WOWOZA,SRS, Nginx, and even WebRTC.

 Do you want to have your own cloud storage service?

- Public cloud service, such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc

- Private cloud service, by RTMP, RTSP PUSH Stream and etc.

Mostly used in cooperates, government projects, large shopping mall.


Except of Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, MQTT, Honeywell, Milestone, do you want to integrate the unique camera into your own system,platform or application?

- SDKAPI, HTTPAPI will be offered, or ONVIF, DDNS, FTP, NAS, RTMP, RTSP and other ODM Protocol.


Inquire us now for detailed security solution, make your own customized products and home automation system. 



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