What kind of protocol ODM service of home security camera provided?

Aug 20,2018

In the home security camera industry, there is less than 5% company who own the R&D capacity for whole processes.

It is honor to say that Gaozhi Technology is the leading R & D company for home security IP camera.

With more than 80 engineers, Gaozhi Technology could make your ideas happen.

Whatever hardware or software, what you should do is showing us your needs, better solution will be return.

The below is a brief introduction of Protocol ODM service for our home security wifi camera.

System Integration

HTTPAPI SDK: enable fast platform joint for second development by customer

ONVIF 2.5 Protocol: Compatible with most platform supported ONVIF

                                  PC client support Blue Iris, Millstone,Xeoma, Ispy, Happytime CMS

RTSP Protocol : Enable easy access to customer's platform

What kind of protocol ODM service of home camera provided?

Live Streaming Protocol

RTMP Protocol : Support SRS, WOWOZA, Nignx and Youtube, Facebook &etc live play platform.

RTSP Protocol: Support real-time stream push.

RTSP/RTMP/HLS Protocol: Support real-time play the video after the stream be pushed to the server.

Living stream platform

RTMP encryption: Most updated and support one-way & asymmetrical.

Streaming media forward-server: can be customized for the security of your platform and private cloud

Cloud Storage

Amazon,Azure,Google cloud storage supported.

Support private cloud through FTP/SFTP/NAS protocol

Private cloud server could be tailored including deploying,set-up.

The private cloud support Live play, play back and etc function.

 What kind of protocol ODM service of home camera provided?

Individual Monitor

P2P protocol : Peer to peer,plug and play

Support professionally P2P customized service, the camera

only go through your server, thus to secure the video safe and private.



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