Do you want a solution for live streaming in a web application without using Adobe plugin?

Oct 16,2019

Does your cameras come with Web Application?

Do you have web application for live streaming IP camera?

How can we get live stream on Web Application without using Adobe Flash?


The answers are YES, if you use our cameras and solutions.


Firstly, let’s go through is pieces of news as below.

“Adobe has officially announced that they won’t be keeping the Flash Player active from 2020. After technologies like HTML5, WebGL etc started to take over, 

Flash Player looks like a thing of the past. Keeping up with this, Google Chrome has also started showing warning regarding Adobe Flash Support. 

Google will also disable Flash plugin by the end of 2020 from their Chrome browser.”

Do you want a solution for live streaming in a web application without using Adobe plugin?

Some days before, there are several clients who read such news and send their worries to us.

Proudly speaking, we MAKE this solution happend in this week.

Our web application could get the live streaming from our home security wifi IP camera on our own Web Application which do not us the Adobe Flash plugin.

Many thanks for Mr. Zhang Long( Manager of Pre-sales Technical Support Team) who spent days and nights on it.

Currently it is based on the media streaming server and we never stop this, Mr. Zhang Long are doing the new solution on the basis of P2P (peer to peer)


Further more, there are lots of security solutions in developing:

a. Facial detection

b. Facial Recognition

c. Body detection

d. Fall detection

e. loitering detection

f. Upgrade cloud service to save your storage costs

g. Upgrade 433 MHz module for smart home

h. AWS cloud service integration


Do you have other technical requirements? Just show us your needs, our technical team will try to get it done.



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