The key technical index of low power consumption battery powered wireless camera

Dec 07,2021

In popular terms, the low power consumption battery powered wireless camera can be used for several months without power supply. It has a built-in battery capacity, the biggest difference from regular IPC is that the low power products are mostly in non-video dormancy, the device only works when the sensor detects that someone or the user needs to actively view the video. The low-power comsumption IPC subdivides into bBattery powered wireless IP camera, low-power comsumption doorbell video camera, low-power comsumption PTZ wifi camera, low-power comsumption garden light camera and so on.

In terms of product function, the low power consumption wifi camera mainly solves two problems, one is that it is convenient to install with built-in batteries, which saves the labor cost of installation, and the other is that it reduces the unnecessary workload of video viewing, normal wireless ip cameras work for 24 hours, but there is a lot of time which videos or pictures are meaningless, and such battery powered wireless camera is triggered by real motions, and save video clips are meaningful fragments of the existence of events, it saves a lot of work to look up the video.

While, what is the key technical points which should be considered when choosing a battery operated wireless camera?

1. Power consumption.

The reason is called low power consumption, of course, power consumption index is the most core indicators of the cameras, the power consumption of the product determines the length of use. Usually in the dormant state (keep alive state) power consumption is in hundreds of micro-ampere, in normal working state, the power consumption is several hundred milliamperes, here we use several hundred instead, because different chip schemes and different optimizations of the same chip have different corresponding power consumption. For example, the total power of two piecess of 2600mAh 18650 batteries is 5200mAh, then the wifi cameras can be used for 3-6 months, this time is based on the number of trigger specific.

2. Starting speed. 

As mentioned earlier, low power consumption ip cameras are usually in sleep mode, and the speed of start working is very important when PIR is triggered or when video is previewed in the app. If the start-up speed is slow, the battery powered ip camera could not wake up in time and the people has gone when it starts recording, so the WIFI camera becomes useless. In addition, when you use an APP to actively view a video, the time it takes for the device to wake up can be likened to the time it takes to watch a video buffer,so it could imaged. For our BM1 battery powered wireless IP camera, it could wake up in 1S and start to record, all things are in its view.

The key technical index of low power comsumption battery powered wireless camera

3. False alarm rate of PIR. 

PIR is the "Eye" and "Ear" of low-power IPC. If PIR often misreports and sends the wrong message, on the one hand, it will cause the mobile APP to receive a lot of useless push, on the other hand, it will also consume power for nothing, finally this will shorten the using time of power.

4. Basic requirements for regular IP camera. 

The essence of a low-power consumption is still a camera, it is used to watch video, so the picture image effect, audio effect,  APP experience, product appearance mold, etc. are the basic requirements.

5. Stability.

Any of the above a single indicator to do well is not the winner, and comprehensive performance stability is the kingcraft. Because the consumer is buying a finished product, not one of the functional indicators, for a low-power wifi ip camera, the camera is a non-mass-produced product without any of the above indicators. Therefore, it's really not an easy thing to do well with a low-power IP cameras



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