Are your outdoor security Wifi IP camera workable with NAS?

Jul 26,2019

More and more customers request us to find out ways to integrate an IP camera with something different than an NVR. 

Sometimes they use a computer with enough storage to record footage from a camera, but is there another way to do it without the hassle of logging in to the wifi camera interface and pressing the record button? ---- YES

Technology nowadays offers many software interface solutions with the ability to stream video from an IP camera and allow it to be recorded

 to an internal Hard Drive like NAS (Network Attached Storage). 

To meet the requirements of our clients, our technical team work hard for some days to make our outdoor security Wifi IP camera being able to 

connect NAS and utilize downloadable software from their market place. 

Are your wireless IP camera workable with NAS?

This little box offers a lot of features beside the ability to use it as an NVR. It also can be used to host other services. 

Surveillance Station is a software that can be downloaded to most Synology NAS devices and interconnects our IP cameras to it.

It also allows you to Monitor real time video of our outdoor wireless IP cameras. It is accessible from almost any computer, including Mac and PC. 

This great device also offers a free app to watch your cameras.

This software supports our security IP cameras and the setup is very simple. 

If you have the requirement of NAS compatible wifi camera, pls contact our sales.



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