what is coming for home security wireless IP camera?

Sep 12,2018

Proudly speaking, Gaozhi Technology comes with unbeatable advantage compared with similar home security camera companies.

That is the R & D capability. More than 95 engineers(based on data in August, 2018) are struggling to provide better service to our clients.

At the same time, our people keep developing new cameras to enrich our home wireless camera product line and follow the market trends.

It is pleased to say that our new mini type home security wireless IP camera will be ready for sale in a short time. The model name is G7 min.

Literally, this home camera is the mini type of the G7 home security camera.

what is coming for home security wireless IP camera?

Further more, the protocol ODM, like RTSP,RTMP, ONVIF is also workable on this G7 mini.

For the 2-way audio, it is totally hand-free and the recognition distance is up to 8.0m

For the details of this home security wireless camera, pls call us now.

What are you expecting on home camera? Just show us your concepts, Gaozhi engineers would make it reality!



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