Set up a private cloud freely for wifi camera, interesting?

Nov 20,2018

Are you dealer, distributor or manufacturer?

Are you looking for a profitable private-owned cloud?

Are you worried about integrating all products into your own cloud?

Are you willing to use one APP for all smart home products?

 Generally speaking, Gaozhi Technology could set up a private cloud totally free for you.

  Pls head to the below picutre ahead.

Set up a private cloud freely, interesting?

Firstly, our API of camera, APP, could is open to you, you could use your own APP to control different kinds of home security wifi ip cameras.

Further more, Gaozhi Technology would customize a complete cloud management system for you.

What you could benefit from this management system?

    a. Your other home wifi cameras could be workable for this cloud service

    b. You have your own cloud server in your local sites

    c. Clients' info is in your hands but not others

    d. The paying plan of cloud service could be configured by yourselves

In addition, 

       If you are going to get your own APP,

       If you'd like to use the pubilc cloud,like amazon,

       If you need media streaming pushed to your platform,

         Just call us now, your dreams will come true




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