Product Planning Meeting for Home wifi Camera

Nov 07,2018

What is the vitality of a home security wifi camera manufacturer? Production? Price? Camera style? Packaging?

Personally thinking, they are not exactly, the most important sector is the R & D capability of the camera company.

Onverall, there is less than 5% companies (specialized in home wifi camera) which has its own R & D team.

Otherwise, this is our main advantange, it could drive our dreams to move forward.

By the joint efforts of corresponding departments, like technical, supplying, 2 products line is put up forward with


On November 5th, there is a special Product Planning Meeting held in Gaozhi Technology, which shared and confirmed the product

direction of our cameras. 

a. Smart wifi camera comes with cloud service. At the first sight, it is normal camera, nothing special.

    However, this camera could save your 4/5 cloud storage fees, is it interesting to you?

    The  24-hours-video cloud storage is just 2-3G, others it's around 12-13G

b. Rapid Customerization: there will be one series smart camera come with the rapid customerized software solution. 

    The software are designed & developped as different modules and integrate them together.

    Benefitely, this software could make the ODM very easy & rapidly like RTSP, RTMP, HLS, Cloud service and etc.

    Whilst, it will save you 2/3 time to do technical development for the ODM project.

These 2 series cameras are the leader currently and will join the market in the begaining of this December.

Are you willing to know more and save more costs?

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