Who is the one that you want to thank most?

Dec 18,2018

Frankly speaking, Gaozhi technology is not the most experienced home wifi camera company in the market.

We just start in 2013, 5 years old and the average age of our families is 28.5, a new player in this area.

The fifth year is an important transmit period for a start-up company.

In these passed 5 years, Gaozhi Technology have experienced lots of obtacles,crisis and chanllenges. 

Firstly, we start the business with CCTV camera and NVR, and transfer the line to home security wifi cameras.

Sometimes, it is super tough and serious.

Fortunately, we have walked out from those and upgraded our business level. Now we are going to provide technical service to our clients.

With more than 95 engineers, Gaozhi Technology could make more possibilities happen that other camera companies could not do.

Our purpose is to provide 5 star technical support (ODM: APP, Cloud, Protocol, Platform) to our clients.

How we could achieve this? This is what we are always considering.

a. Our suppliers: they support us on lead time, prices, service even the ordering quantities are very small. Exactly this help us gain and maintain

                           many growing clients.

b. Our team: our people works together like a big family and to improve almost every situation wholeheartedly. They are the soul of Gaozhi technology

c. Our valued clients: your trust, support, help make us upgrading

Taking this time of Thanksgiving Day, hereby, we'd like to express our greatest thanks to all of you who help us these years and we will strive to be better

and distribute our own power to serve a safter home

On behalf of all our families, thank you everyone for making us better.

 Thanksgiving to



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