2017 Best Buyer's Guide For IP Security Cameras

Sep 30,2017

Having a video camera system installed is very important, it seems this has been the essential tool when you are running small businesses. As the IP security cameras become a prevailing trend in the market, apparently they can enhance the safety meanwhile improve the efficiency of your business. 

Protecting business against threats such as theft, burglary, and malicious mischief requires a lot of attention that could distract a manager or business owner’s focus. Using security cameras is a proven and efficient method to improve the safety of business enterprise against said risks and allow management and staff to concentrate on more important business – Luke cites, the technician from security company. 

As the expert in video surveillance industry, Luke is delighted to present this ultimate buyer's guide for business security cameras. As a start, Luke reiterated that users should know their security needs before embarking on selecting the equipment.


Googling online to study how you can achieve through using the security cameras to your business, then opting for the one fits your business. If you don’t know the system well, consulting with the equipment supplier/seller is another very effective way to learn and understand the security cameras. 


If you look at the price of the equipment, HD analog camera systems are very attractive. But it’s not the right system to your business, because analog technology is ready to phase out, HD analog camera can deliver HD surveillance video yet its image quality is poorer than IP. The installation of the HD analog camera system is more complex and expensive. Once it has installed, nearly impossible to upgrade it or switch it to IP system, relying on coaxial cable to transmit the video signal is the main reason. IP camera systems on the other hand are the current mainstream. Additionally, IP camera system can offer versatile features. Lastly, IP camera systems are quite easy to install by utilizing Wi-Fi and PoE technologies, they can be easily upgraded to advanced system that may support smart video analytics and 4K UHD resolution.


To your grocery shop, here is our recommendations. Using both Wi-Fi and Ethernet security cameras to setup a hybrid camera system rather than using only one type. Wi-Fi makes installation simple, however the connection is not as reliable as the Ethernet.

2017 Best Buyer's Guide For IP Security Cameras


Mini dome cameras are suitable for interior monitoring, while bullet cameras are ideal for outdoor, both of them should be waterproof/weatherproof.  By utilizing the Power over Ethernet technology, installation of the camera system will become super easy, no need to run extra power cables from the cameras to the AC outlets, therefore you can save the installation cost.


It’s always a wise choice to choose the vari-focal lens since you can adjust the focal length according to the various circumstances. If you insist on fixed lens, it should be noted that 3.6mm lens can provide approximate 70° coverage, about 12-18 meters distance range, while the 6mm lens can offer 45° coverage, about 15-22 meters distance range.

2017 Best Buyer's Guide For IP Security Cameras


It has been a decade that H.264 become the main video compression standard, although it’s still widely used nowadays, it no longer meets the needs for video compression since video resolution becomes higher and higher. Promising to double video compression efficiency, H.265 appears in the market, it has been gradually adopted in TV industry, now spreading to video surveillance field. When using the H.265 technology, you can reduce the network bandwidth to half during video streaming, also saving 50% video storage space. To enjoy the benefits of the H.265, both front-end cameras and back-end NVRs should support H.265. Additionally, most H.265 equipment are back-compatible with H.264 standard. As you may realize the price of a HDD is even much higher than the total cost of your IP camera system, thus using the H.265 can greatly reduce the cost on video storage.

2017 Best Buyer's Guide For IP Security Cameras


Remote viewing capabilities are the most desired feature that users want to use. The majority of IP camera systems come with software and App to support remote viewing capabilities which can broadcast live and recorded footage to such devices as smartphones and tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, iPhones and iPads.


The purchase price of the system is only part of the overall cost. Buyers should think twice when buying cheap products because they could cost more in the long term if their performance is not adequate and the system requires an upgrade. After choosing the right security camera systems, you may wonder where to install the cameras. Reading “5 key spots for security cameras to secure retail stores” to determine the best locations to position the cameras. 

Selecting a trusted security brand is much important. Unifore, is a respected producer and supplier of various security equipment globally. Our product portfolio including alarm systems, security detectors, perimeter beam detectors, network video recorders (NVR), consumer Wi-Fi cameras and HD IP cameras. We not only provide high quality products, but also provide prompt technical supports which is important to DIY users. 


By employing the new generation Hisilicon Hi3516C/Hi3518EV200 SoC designed for the professional HD IP cameras, our HD cameras feature low bit-rate, high image quality, and lower power consumption.


Included Infrared illuminators to provide night vision capability, illuminating wide angle and long distance range. Incorporating with smart-IR, offering crystal clear images at night, IR-CUT filter is located between lens and the CMOS image sensor to filter unnatural lights to provide true color reproduction image.

2017 Best Buyer's Guide For IP Security Cameras


Included P2P protocol, allowing users to remotely access the camera via smartphone/tablet/PC anywhere, anytime. Having web server design, users can config the camera via IE.

2017 Best Buyer's Guide For IP Security Cameras

Streamview Software

Compliant with ONVIF specification and RTSP protocol, easily connected to third-party NVR/VMS/NAS systems. We offer free Streamview software can manage up to 64 cameras at the same time, it's compatible with Windows(32/64bit) and Mac computers.

2017 Best Buyer's Guide For IP Security Cameras


2017 Best Buyer's Guide For IP Security Cameras

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