CCTV Camera Cases & Solutions

Aug 23,2018

CCTV Camera Cases


The safety in exploiting, processing, transporting and using of petrol and natural gas are related to major issues of national economic development. The main applications of  GaoZhi HD IP Camera are as follows. First, the intelligenized application in unmanned oil well could monitor unmanned i well through video. Second, the application of surrounding guard line in key alert areas could guard the oil field. If people or vehicles are found crossing the area, the alarm will be alerted automatically. Third, it can be used in detecting suspicious products. With abandon detection, the remnants in the monitoring area can be detected real-time and the alarm will be alerted automatically.


As one of the national key security units, banks are featured by having various sizes, multiple important facilities, people with their background unknown entering banks and their management covering wide areas. GAOZHI HD IP Camera System has made place-to-place remote monitoring and video alarms so that guarding personnel in monitoring room could have real-time monitoring on the safety situation of vaults and places of business. They could examine the condition of security products, which greatly improved the centralized monitoring and quick reaction capacity of safety departments. Apart from that, it provided modernized monitoring for treasure keeping, escorting and guarding of places of business, which lessen the work load of security personnel and increase the accuracy of their work. In this way, they could concentrate on the monitoring work, eliminate security vulnerabilities and guarantee the safety of banks.

CCTV Camera Cases


Recent years, with the deepening of education informatization construction, universities and schools across the country have wide access to the IT infrastructure. With the gradual improvement of IT infrastructure, education video monitoring has also undoubtedly entered the network era. GAOZHI HD IP Camera System has been widely used. For example, with "Green campus", all staff and students have access to not only life and property security, but also can enjoy a safe, stable and sound teaching environment. With E-examination room, the examination rules can be strengthened, students' interests be safeguarded, the number and work load of monitoring personnel can be reduced. With teaching observation and evaluation, teaching quality can be increased and teaching evaluation system can be improved. With "baby-on-line", parents can login the management platform to real-time view their babies' daily condition (living, learning, entertainment) in the kindergarten no matter parents are in the office or in business trip, or to check the videos.

CCTV Camera Cases


With the booming development of national economy and increasing expansion of operation sales of chain stores, the number of chain stores across provinces and cities could soar from several dozens to more than one hundred. These chain stores are widely located. With the comprehensive monitoring on their business areas through GAOZHI HD IP Camera, the safety of cash circulation, the goods and materials in hotels, the infrastructure can be guaranteed. It can also guard against theft and fire and monitor the personnel. Besides, it can quickly react to various emergencies with the help of simultaneous videos and video evidences.

CCTV Camera Cases


With the increasing popularization and deepening development of modernized industrial enterprises, the deepening of informatization construction of enterprises, enterprises are gradually transforming to processing the mass data in management, production, sales, transportation and after-sale service via network and computer. GAOZHI HD IP Camera System can not only monitor on people going in and out of the industrial park, the logistics and surrounding areas to make the industrial park safer, but also make production schedule, command giving and data analysis possible via videos monitoring in workshop, warehouse, production line and office area. All in all, it improves the management level and production efficiency of enterprises so that the safety of the personnel, property and supplies in the industrial park can be guaranteed.



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