What are the future development trends of AI chips?

Nov 29,2021

What are the future development trends of AI chips?

Firstly, the research and development of AI chips will shift from technology-oriented to scenario-oriented. At present, AI chips are designed more from the perspective of technical requirements, such as chip architecture selection and chip performance index improvement. However, the ultimate goal of R&D and design of AI chips is to enable the chips to perform optimally in actual application scenarios, and more and more scenarios and industries will need AI empowerment in the future, then the application market will be fragmented. Therefore, the future chip design needs to be customer scenario demand-oriented, comprehensive analysis of feasibility from various aspects such as demand, business landing mode, market barriers, etc., and realize the scale development of AI chips with the help of scenario realizing.

What are the future development trends of AI chips?

Secondly, it will develop in the direction of end-cloud integration. Cloud chip focus on non-real-time, long-period data analysis of big data, which could support a large number of operations run together. But with the abundance of security monitoring, drones and other intelligent terminals, part of the cloud inference and even training arithmetic will migrate to the edge and terminal side to support the real-time intelligent processing and execution of local business.

Thirdly, the trend of localization. Chip is the cornerstone of the information and digital era. On the one hand, in the context of international industry chain reconstruction and complex international environment, it is necessary to enhance the security and stability of the industry chain supply chain, and the country has introduced a series of policies and documents to support the development of the domestic chip industry; on the other hand, China has rich application scenarios and a large amount of market demand, and have a deeper understanding of the local scenarios which are better able to create AI chips to meet the local scenario and market demand.



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