AI Technology Used in 2021 Tokyo Olympic

Aug 12,2021

The 32nd Summer Olympic Games (hereinafter referred to as the Tokyo Olympic Games) officially closed on August 8th evening. The athlete's posture is also worth recalling, as well as the Olympic games appear in the "Black Technology" like cloud computing, AI, VR, 3D, 5G, 4K/8K and other technologies have played an important role in global broadcasting, security inspection, motion capture and scoring assistance.

AI Technology Used in 2021 Tokyo Olympic

Intelligent scoring system

Competitive Sports is an important landing scene of computer vision. According to the NHK, International Federation of Gymnastics has introduced an AI aided scoring system developed by Fujit. The system projects infrared light to the player's body and its surrounding 2 million places, tracks the player's movements, and converts them into 3D images in real time. Based on the images, the AI analyzes the body's movements, such as rotation and twisting, and combines past game data to judge the completion of the technique in accordance with scoring standards.

The gymnastics athletics movement is complex and changeable, and the technical difficulty is unceasingly rising, even the experienced referee is also sometimes difficult to make the completely fair score, the application of the AI auxiliary scoring system has avoided this kind of situation to a certain extent. The final score of the gymnast will be based on the combined judgment of the AI and the referee.

The application of face recognition system 

In the past Olympic Games, it took a lot of time to check every ID card manually. Today, face recognition is more than 99.5% accurate. Using facial recognition technology, staff can pre-enter personnel information in the system, security checks can be completed in only 3 seconds to compare.In more than 40 venues are equipped with detection devices, IC chip identity verification machines will automatically verify the identity of people entering the venue. Facial recognition systems have identified more than 300,000 people taking part in the games. However, the face recognition system must be used together with the face recognition through a special ID card, which is a little inconvenient compared with the mainstream face recognition technology. For the facial recognition solution developed by our own team, it would be much easier. Just work through and the facial recognition camera would capture the faces and send the center for analysis & recognization.

AI robot

The Tokyo government took the Olympic Games as an opportunity to launch a large-scale project to "Install robots for the whole city" and to turn the Olympic Village near Taichang in Tokyo into a "Robot village", equipped with robots for guard, translation, cleaning, welcome, distribution and other functions.



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