The important guarantee for safety of sports events as AI video surveillance

Nov 23,2021

Video monitoring is an important part of the sports security system, because of the large area, complex structure, and the stadium is very dense, so the requirements of the monitoring system is also very high. Gymnasium security surveillance system, from the entrance and exit to the grandstand and other areas to achieve "No dead-end", such as the VIP area, the press area, the grandstand area, the athletes area and other areas, all need to carry out non-blind spot monitoring.

Video surveillance system works as the first line of defense of Olympic security, in order to find the disturbing factors in time and deal with emergencies as the goal. Therefore, the safety precaution of the first line of defense and the difficulty of illegal behavior are the most important issues to be considered in the safety management of venues. The traditional video surveillance system is mainly after-the-event verification, but the modern security needs is in-advance warning and able to give a warning before the occurrence of the event so as to ensure the smooth progress of the games and the security of the Olympic venues. In order to meet the development of stadium, improve the effectiveness of video surveillance for stadium surveillance management, more and more high definition, intelligent video surveillance and analysis technology are applied to the construction and transformation of large stadium.

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On the one hand, the saturation of the city has brought huge economic prosperity, but it has also brought greater challenges to security, it is necessary to strengthen the safety construction and safety management, especially in hotels and other living places. For 360 degrees security monitoring, video surveillance in the construction of the city demand will also surge.

In terms of artificial intelligence technology, the main technologies used in security surveillance are facial recognition based on image recognition, vehicle recognition, behavior feature recognition and video Structured analysis based on semantic understanding. As AI technology matures, stadium video surveillance can be deployed in hot spots and key locations by combining artificial intelligence with crowd and behavioral analysis techniques.

Image recognition technology can realize not only static recognition, but also dynamic recognition and trajectory recognition. Through the rapid analysis of video, information analysis platform can monitor the visual range of the number of people, and capture the behavior of each individual, forming a focal point of the site and the area of defense.

Crowd and behavior recognition technology is an extension of image recognition, which can analyze people, vehicles and their behavior in visual field by more optimized AI algorithm and model. Its main functions include: statistical analysis of the number of people in the field of vision, tracking the behavior of individuals to prevent crowd density overload; individual tracking: combined with face recognition technology, tracking the movement and behavior of specific people to achieve early warning; Forbidden Zone Control: the Forbidden Zone to achieve real-time monitoring, the violation of real-time alarm; abnormal behavior analysis: the character behavior classification, and early warning of unusual behavior.

The AI technology provides a powerful additional function to the area defense operation, reduces the security personnel investment and the emergency response time, guarantees the stadium event to carry on smoothly.



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