Several things to be considered before you buy a home security wifi camera

Aug 23,2018

For the home security wifi camera, the main advantage is that you could put it at anywhere, no need the cable network needed. 

Whilst, it is appealing to householders that it is very convenient to monitor home on mobile phone, just install the APP and connect the camera with wifi, finally they could watch home at anytime any where . Are you willing to get a wifi camera for home security? Here are some things to think about before you go shopping.

What is the image resolution you expect?

In the market, there are several type for your choice, 760P, 960P 1080P. The numbers bigger, the more clear video. 

Under different lighting conditions, a large numbers of parameters are adjusted and tested, many optimization are developed on image quality. 

The image quality of G7 is outstanding compared with other 1080P.

What kind of power supply?

The home security wifi camera usually come with its own power adapter and get the grid power from the socket. 

Whilst there are other types of cameras, like G7 home security wireless camera, there are especial batteries and could work even the power is cut-off by burglar

What kind of main features you are looking for?

Normally there are these main functions as below:

Motion Detection

Local storage / cloud storage

2-way audio

Auto tracking

Live streaming

Monitoring on phone APP

Night vision

Real-time alarm


Mounting method

Several things to be considered before you buy a home security wifi camera

How many wifi cameras do you need?

Another import things is that you should check where the cameras should be and calculate the exact quantity you need



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