Buying Guide for Surveillance Systems

Jul 26,2018

Trying to find the best surveillance system? Gaozhi are trying best to help customers to choose the best suitable surveillance system. Providing safety measures to your property, whether it is office or home as well as is an important portfolio, as a result, people always put their finest effort to fit the best video surveillance system to solve their surveillance security problems.

When it comes to best surveillance system, Honeywell, Bosch Security, Dahua, and Hikvision may pass through our mind. Apart from the brand, what should we consider? While selecting the best surveillance system for home or business, it is important to think about where the system has to be installed, how many cameras you need, and why you require the camera system. It is not a simple job, and you have to be sure about your needs. Take a look at some important questions you need to ask on how to choose right a Best Surveillance System.

Do You Require More Than 1 Camera Security System?

If you choose one or more cameras, surveillance solution hinges on the layout and size of your property. If you want to know what is happening outside your property or any rooms in your home, you will require more than 1 camera security system. You have to make sure that the cameras are focused on the key areas you are monitoring.

For Apartments: 1 – 3 cameras

Catch Thieves/Vandals

Protect Families

Deter Robbery

Monitor apartment building activity

Ensure peace of mind to renters

Any Suspicious Activity

Monitor Activity from anywhere!

For Home: 4 – 8 cameras

Protect Families

Deter Robbery

Monitor Activity from anywhere!

For Small Business: 8 – 16 camera

1. First, it helps keep all employees and customers honest. When people know they’re being watched with security cameras thefts are far less likely. Criminals want to pick the easiest target possible.

2. A video security system lets you view the shopping patterns of your customers. This can help you understand where to place merchandise for best results.

3. Having security cameras at your registers can help solve any disputes. No more fights about the bill denomination used to pay or the change returned. If you have ever worked in retail before, you know how much of a headache these customers can be.

4. See if any employee is entering incorrect amounts into the register. Prevent employee thefts.

For Business: 16 – 32 camera or more

1. You have 24-hour video footage of the warehouse or any storage area. This might pay big dividends if you have ever experienced inventory shrinkage.

2. In the event of a break-in, you can provide the authorities with a recorded video of the event. This will improve their chances of solving the crime. This makes it easier to report to insurance too.

3. A full security system for your business provides recorded video of any on-site accidents. Footage of the accident can help determine if the accident was legitimate. Prevent intentional “accidents” attempting to get a cash settlement for injuries.

Are You Using The Cameras Outdoors Or Indoors?

Indoor cameras are usually smaller, lighter and less visible than outdoor cameras. The outdoor cameras are generally more expensive than indoor ones because they are built to endure not only weather elements but attacks from intruders, vandals, and thieves. A lot of today’s high-value security cameras are designed for outdoor and indoor use.

Is There A Need For Weatherproof Cameras?

If you need to use your surveillance system outdoors, it is a good idea to buy cameras that can withstand any weather element.

Light Conditions

Most office compounds and businesses are well lit at night compared to homes which are usually not well lit. If an area is dimly lit, the more likely thieves are going to target it. You have to purchase an infrared camera to protect areas with poor lighting. Infrared cameras are also known as night vision cameras. They can shoot and record in total darkness, and they are vital tools in many surveillance areas.

How Can Far Or Wide Angle The Security Cameras Cover?

It depends on the lens size of the camera. So before purchasing a security camera, you ought to see the lens size and focal length the lens will cover. Larger image sensors let a lot of light into a picture and give you a wider and better view of the picture. For instance, a sharper lens can see almost the entire room if you place it in a corner while other lenses just give you a viewing angle of a partial side.

What Degree Of Recording Resolution Do You Require?

It is a question well known when it comes to surveillance systems. It is estimated that 550 line are usually enough for an indoor surveillance system to monitor a single area. If you want to use it for a longer distance, it is recommended to choose a higher resolution camera to offer you satisfactory image quality.

How Easy Is It To Set Up Remote Viewing?

Each system has a unique way of letting the clients watch the videos the system provides. You should read through your instruction manuals for details. You can use apps that some systems provide for easy viewing on your computer or phone. You only require a high-speed internet connection.

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