How is the China Security Industry in 2020?

Jun 25,2021

In recent years, AI has added “Intelligent” wings for security, technology has undergone earth-shaking changes in the landing application of thousands of scenarios, in 2020 security industry performance is really amazing. With the sudden outbreak of COVID19, every enterprise in the intelligent security industry shouldered the burden of contributing to the epidemic prevention, not only rushing to the front line at the first time, but also developing new products such as infrared body temperature measurement system with the fastest speed, it provides a strong technical barrier for epidemic prevention and control.


However when the domestic epidemic gradually stable and controllable, the United States on behalf of some Chinese enterprises, Sanctions storm, triggered Chinas semiconductor, integrated circuits and other markets volatility. The global lack of core raw materials prices, supply imbalance and so on has become a Testing ground of various industries, it is really a wave-after- wave grievous news, and straightly get people helpless and powerless.

 How is the Chinese Security Industry in 2020?

Many security practitioners are wondering how can be so difficult in 2020? When will it change? But it is amazing that this is the magic year, the intelligent security industry is against the trend of growth. The total output value of the security industry in 2020 was 851 billion RMB, up 3 percent from the previous year despite the epidemic, according to the Shenzhen Safety and Security Industry Association.Among the total output value of 851 billion RMB, the output value of security projects is about 510 billion RMB yuan, the output value of security products is about 260 billion RMB, and the market of operation and maintenance services is about 81 billion RMB.


Compared with 2019, the market share of security operation and maintenance services and engineering continued to climb, product market growth slowed, with operation and maintenance services growth rate as high as 22% .


In 2020, the trend from security market by hardware and software products-based sales obviously upgrade to data operations, cloud computing and other services


At the same time, with the support of artificial intelligence, big data, AIOT and other technologies, security vendors are aiming to become intelligent internet of things solution providers with video as the core sector, covering more video internet of things scenarios -- so new technologies are making security more flexible and safe.



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