How face detection solution makes our life better ?

Jul 01,2019

As all we known, Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

Nowadays, the AI technology is more popular in our daily life which build our life easier, did you experience such changes?

Yesterday I came across a smart library when I walk around after work. At first sight, this is a just small room as below:

“short-sighted” is the only word I’d like to label on myself once I got close to it. 

The access is controlled by Face Recognition, what an amazing solution it is! Absolutely, it is known as a new & popular AI technology in recent years, but I never thought it could be for library in second-tier city. 

How face recognition solution makes our life better ?

The curiosity drove me to read the notes on the window, and the process as follows 

A. Register account in phone and upload ID info and self-portrait for certification

B. Stand in front of the door, camera get your picture as showed in left display screen

C. Your face will be recognized and confirmed in system and then the door is open automatically

Is it a wonderful solution?

As a R & D company for security, we are struggle to get in touch of cutting-edge technology for better solution. In our plan, there are two solutions on the way to be ready for market:

a. Home security wifi camera with 433MHZ module.

    The camera could be linked to the whole system like smoking alarm, access control, home appliance and etc

b. PTZ outdoor IP camera with face detection 

   This camera could be placed in front of school, shop and some places with large flow of people. 

    Not only this, but also we could integrate these into your own server, web controlling, app and etc.

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