The facial recognition for access control

Jul 30,2021

The door opening mode of smart lock is updated with the development of biometrics, and the Push fingerprint identification technology is a fast developing fingerprint identification module on the hitchhiking mobile phone. That's why some people think smart locks can be hitched to "Face recognition". When structured light technology matures, you can quickly open a door with a single glance.

Will Smart Locks replace fingerprint recognition with face recognition? But does it really happen? I don't think smart locks with facial recognition will be as popular as fingerprint recognition. There are many reasons. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Firstly, the height of the smart lock is fixed, while the phone is mobile. When authenticating, people can raise mobile phone to face undertake authenticating. As the smart lock is usually only fixed at the height of one meter or so, the authentication can only lower the head authentication, otherwise can not obtain enough face information. The height of the smart lock is fixed. Face recognition needs to bow his head.

The facial recognition for access control

Second, face recognition technology can not be used for a long time in standby state, especially the smart lock will consume a lot of power, need to be activated through some way. Mobile phones can be used to raise the wrist light screen, to solve the problem of activation of face recognition, but because the smart lock can not move, so must set the activation mode. Fingerprint unlock can be verified when you press activate, but after activation you need to verify facial recognition, which is a bit of a hassle.

Does it workable for the office? it possibly be not, because there are many workers would rush into the office simutalneously for a new day. Under such circumstance, the access control of facial recogntion would be more efficient. We could install the facial recogntion CCTV camera at the access point, the facial recognition bullet camera could take the faces and send them to the smart control station, if they are the workers registered in the system, the door or gate would be open automatically. Further more, the sales for promotion or others could not go inside, the offices would be much saffer.



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