Future Trend of the Global Security Industry

Oct 14,2021

     After years of development, the current security industry has formed a more complete industry chain. The industry chain basically includes the following links: upstream including video, algorithm providers, and chip manufacturers; midstream including hardware and software manufacturers, system integrators, and operational service providers; downstream terminal applications including government (safe city), industry applications, and civil. In the development of the security industry at the same time, the product and the market are also undergoing rapid changes.

Analysis of the four future trends in the security industry


       With the increasing integration of chips and processing power, many security manufacturers like Gaozhi Technology have introduced intelligent IPC, intelligent DVR, and intelligent NVR, to enhance the front-end device intelligence level.

      The future will have more complex dedicated intelligent algorithms in the front-end devices to achieve. Intelligent front-end devices will provide network flexibility, low latency, low cost, and a series of advantages, but also to reduce the pressure on part of the back-end analysis, providing the possibility of large-scale deployment. Like the facial recognition cctv camera, all the capturing and analysis are completed in cameras, and just send the output to the back-end system.


      Most of the existing intelligent products are a variety of intelligent functions cured in a certain type of hardware, each hardware device provides one or a limited number of intelligent services.

      In the future, the concept of hardware resources will gradually fade away, and intelligent capabilities will be provided to customers in the form of service modules. The cloud provides services based on customer needs (features, routing, etc.) to achieve the allocation of resources on demand to maximize customer satisfaction and improve resource utilization.

Future Trend of the Global Security Industry


     The manufacturers of security products in the promotion of their own intelligent solutions, more and more need for software platforms extremely supporting the integration of hardware equipment, integration of program compatibility, stability, security, and other indicators, the standard gradually tends to unify.

     Although the mainstream domestic surveillance camera manufacturers basically have their own software platform, but the positioning and size of these platforms are not quite the same. In the next few years, the type of security monitoring applications are becoming clearer, it's technical standards, development interfaces, etc. will become increasingly unified.

     Large manufacturers to develop standards, small manufacturers compatible with the standard industrial model will gradually take shape, so the strength of the security manufacturers to launch their own dominant solution platform will be the development of security companies must be considered in the road to the subject.


     Security intelligence is not independent of the existence of industry applications, so intelligence needs to further deepen the direction of the industry. First of all, intelligent security manufacturers start from the industry, positioning the target industry and market segments, to determine their own intellectual development direction.


    At the same time in the specific industry in-depth business applications, business processes, etc., analysis of industry problems, looking for technology-enabled optimization solutions. Combined with their own technical accumulation, providing industry customers with high-quality industry intelligent solutions will be the future of intelligent security companies to expand the market.

    The security industry is now combining with emerging technologies, quickly into a new era of digital intelligence, the concept and application of security is also extending to social security, production, and all aspects of life, covering a more diverse range of fields.



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