The market capacity of global smart home till 2025

Dec 14,2021

While smart home adoption has accelerated, major smart home vendors such as Amazon and Google have focused on developing new subscription services aimed at linking their smart home products to new monthly income streams. At the same time, the growing complexity of home cyber security threats has prompted service providers to increase their efforts to integrate home security and cyber security to improve the smart home experience, creating a more differentiated family digital product-service combination.

Omdia believes that the introduction of a new value-added smart home subscription solution will enhance the importance of smart homes and increase customer loyalty. This means that only subscribers to the subscription service will be able to fully access advanced smart home functions.

The market capacity of global smart home till 2025

By 2022, the number of smart home will reach 248.5 million, and the global penetration rate of smart home will reach 25.7 percent. The global smart home market is expected to exceed $178.5 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 24.1 per cent over the period 2020-2025. This trend-watching report will provide strategic insight to vendors and service providers who are interested in capturing the upcoming market transformation of the smart home industry in 2022. All vendors must continue to break new ground in innovation and functionality, but must maintain reasonable prices if they are to dominate the market.

The integration of physical home security and network security will become the key to the Modern Family. In 2022, it will become even more important to ensure that consumers are better equipped to deal with modern threats. Therefore, the close integration of home security and network security will help manufacturers and service providers to improve the smart home experience.

The old-age service will be valued by consumers. Consumers in 2022 will increase their investment in technologies designed to help them monitor the health of their loved ones as they age at home. The development of new pension services based on artificial intelligence (AI) will greatly enhance the market potential of living-assisted using cases.



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