The intelligent 2.0 Era of the security industry

Sep 18,2021

As we all know, the security industry originated from the United States, including video surveillance, access control and management, intrusion alarm, building intercom and other sub-industries, can be collectively referred to as "Traditional security".

In fact, thanks to the booming development of China's emerging industries such as AI, IoT and big data, the concept of "Adding Value" to traditional security is increasingly recognized by the market, and China's market of smart security has grown dramatically since 2010, so that China's security industry achieve an outstanding stage.

In 2020, the merciless COVID swept the world, more and more security relating big data, real-time monitoring, edge-end computing needs to be put on the agenda. Firstly,  the chinese manufacturers of security items have more time to respond to these new security needs, but also put forward the intelligent security 2.0 era, it is Visual ioT.

The intelligent 2.0 Era of the security industry

In terms of product categories, the number of smart sensors required for visual iot products will increase significantly, while in terms of software/systems, the number of smart sensors will also increase significantly from the original hardware-only & traditional solutions, to the integration of hardware and software & Intelligent Solutions & city-level intelligent systems and so on.

In the application level, the key word of traditional security is "See clearly", the core is the recording; and the visual iot key word is "See clearly + connect", the core is empowerment.

From the angle of business model, the traditional bidding mode will continue, while the new cooperation mode such as joint development will be expanded, the interaction mode with downstream customers will gradually diversify and the stickiness of the software side will be stronger.

Finally, in terms of market outlook, video IoT is one of the most important data entry points for the future IoT. The downstream would demand expand to one trillion RMB and new demand emerges continuously.

Regarding this, except security companies, the enterprises relating communications, artificial intelligence, Big Data Computing and others have poured into the video ioT racetrack for occupying a seat in the ring in future.

The Intelligent 2.0 ERA will be a brand-new era for video surveillance, price competition will shift to technological competition, industry core competitiveness will shift, technology threshold will be raised, and concentration ratio will be raised, related products will rely on internet big data, combined with face recognition, iris recognition and other biometric technologies, to meet the user in different scenarios, different levels of security requirements. While artificial intelligence will also be applied in the industry.



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