2018 Manufacturing Excellence Innovation Awards

Nov 13,2018

Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards (MEI Awards) was initiated in 2011 in celebration of excellence in Chinese product manufacturing. 

The contest brings together the brightest of Chinese manufacturers to launch a series of outstanding products.

These products will be showcased at global events where Chinese manufacturers will display their exemplary products and share industry insights.

Award Setting

MEI Awards are categorized into Top Award, Excellence Awards. This year, the products of "innovation", "quality", "user experience", "performance", 

"aesthetic" and "customer benefit" will be the main evaluation criteria.

                     2018 Manufacturing Excellence Innovation Awards

Gaozhi Technology is keen to provide a better security solutions world wide.  It is pleased to say that our G7 home security wireless camera 

in the "Nomitation Award" in this Evaluation activity. which is the new idea in the Safety & Security Industry, although it is just a simple wireless camera for home security at the first sight

Reference link: http://www.meiawards.org/en/award-product/2212.htm

From another hand, the G7 wireless camera come with the leading auto-tracking technology in this industry, that means it could follow the moving objects and keep it in the frame. 

The accurancy and monitoring distance is the TOP1 in the market. Whilst, this camera would make more possibilities happen:

a) The APP could be customizd as clients request

b) Rapid secondary development: The software in camera are finished with Rapid Customization Plan, all the functions are integrated as modules, 

                                                                 protocol is open for pairing ike ONVIF, RTSP, RTMP, HTTPAPI; 

c) Customized cloud supported: 

    i. you could own yourself platform & cloud service; 

    ii. you could configure the cloud charging packages at your end;

    iii. it is ok to integrate all other cameras into your cloud; 

    iiii. one APP could control your all kinds of cameras

 d) Platform supported: Web Application, PC Platform, MQTT Control Platform

                                                                           2018 Manufacturing Excellence Innovation Awards



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