NVR Will Eventually Become The Replacement For DVR

Jul 26,2018

With the rapid development of the Internet age, the video surveillance industry has gradually entered the fully digital, networked age. In the video surveillance into the all-digital, networked process, DVR plays a very important role, it can be said, DVR era ushered in a digital monitoring.

But as the video surveillance market competition more intense, more serious product homogeneity. It needs monitoring network for increasingly prominent, not only to achieve control in local, but also hope that through remote, even monitoring through wireless, and these only be networked in order to meet the needs of users. Digital video surveillance, the network is the trend, some of the major manufacturers, such as Kodak, Rui Tiger Technology have launched a higher-performance, more humane new products NVR - "DVR for a replacement."

In fact, NVR can also be said to be a network-based DVR upgrade. NVR is digital, network monitoring system, with a network of front-end to build a fully functional network video surveillance systems. NVR relative to the DVR, it also has multiple advantages.

First of all, the traditional DVR deployment, due to the impact and analog signal transmission distance and other factors, can not be achieved remote deployment; and NVR without geographical restrictions, can any deployment. Secondly, we all know, DVR recording, storage function is very powerful, but never been able to achieve front-end storage; and NVR products and systems support center storage, storage, and front-end client-side storage, and can achieve the center of the front-end redundancy. On the storage capacity, NVR also means a large-capacity hard drive, you can meet the massive storage. Furthermore, is the management module, DVR since the center to the front end of analog transmission, but can not achieve real-time monitoring and centralized management of the transmission line and the front-end equipment; and NVR not only to achieve the monitoring and management of the transmission lines, transmission networks, but also You can achieve full monitoring and centralized management of all IP front end.

Security industry, video surveillance network digitization already is inevitable a trend, a trend, the establishment and improvement of infrastructure security is the top priority. NVR and development of the security industry to bring greater hope. With the continuous development of many technologies, it will boost the further development of the NVR, and truly become the market leader or even a replacement for DVR.



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