Security Camera Installation Matters Needing Attention

Sep 16,2021

With more and more people in the monitoring industry, it may be necessary to start from the most basic installation of equipment for learners, and they gradually accumulate experience in practice to be able to independently take charge of the project manager, so what matters the security camera should pay attention to during security camera installation process?

A few things you can't ignore when installing surveillance cameras

1. Location requirements

For the video security camera, the position of the monitoring camera is directly related to the imaging effect of the equipment. Therefore, many users regard the monitoring effect as the primary reference of the installation position of the security camera. However, they ignore a very important point: surveillance cameras are not omnipotent, in the choice of installation location, it also has its own requirements, the first is in the installation of the location, in order to be able to avoid the interference of the surrounding environment, to achieve a better photo-taking and survival effect, but alsothe network and wiring requirements should be concerned.

2. Installation angle

Normally, the CCTV cameras are installed in the wall or ceiling, the installation of surveillance cameras should pay attention to the angle. For the general camera with no wide dynamic function, should avoid direct light source. While,security network camera must be fixed firmly in the installation process to prevent the camera shake, at the same time pay attention to the lens angle to cover a proper area to monitor.

security camera installation.jpg

3. Installation height

The installation height of the surveillance camera can not be too low to prevent malicious damage by others, nor can it be too high to be convenient for future maintenance. It is suggested that the installation height should be 3-4 meters, which can be obtained by stepping on a ladder. If the places is too high, you should wear safety belt.

4. Safe use of electricity

The monitor cameras need to be powered separately, and they should also pay attention to safety when they are connected to strong power lines. They can be tested first with a multimeter and a measuring pen to ensure that the power is switched on after the power is cut off. There are also monitoring cameras installed outside the room, then,waterproof treatment should be done properly. It is best to buy with a waterproof tail of the network surveillance camera.

There are two power supply modes: DC power supply, Poe power supply, sola panel.

a) Non-PoE power supply: each video security camera needs wire, wire, PVC casing, socket, security power... a lot of accessories, wiring trouble, installation complex, maintenance is not easy. 

b) Poe power supply: one camera and one cable, data and power are transmitted at the same time, simple and convenient. Comparing the two power supply methods, Poe power supply is more concise, and the cost may be lower than non-PoE power supply.

c) Solar panel: it could provide non-stop powering and is installed beside the cameras, but it should be exposed under sun, so that it could be collect the energy and save the power in the batteries of camera. Usually, the solar panel is fixed by the bracket, and the angle should be also concerned for largely powering.

5. Installation of equipment fittings

In addition to some of the above-mentioned aspects, some of the cameras auxiliary equipment installation specification is also in our construction and should not be ignored. For example, the installation location of PTZ, bracket and other equipment  should meet the design requirements, installation should be stable, easy to operate and maintain. The back and side of the frame should be away from the wall to meet maintenance requirements; if necessary, we should install a protective cover for the camera or temperature control devices and so on. As for the links with complex lines, we should also indicate the use and characteristics of each line for future maintenance and sorting out. As mentioned above, it is the key points that we need to pay attention to when setting up the simple network security system. Compared with some complex large-scale monitoring system, these aspects are obviously more simple and intuitive.



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