Security Camera Systems: Going Wireless

Sep 30,2017

Security Camera Systems: Going Wireless

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Security camera systems redefine what it means to keep your family and property protected from criminal activity by allowing you to remotely monitor your home or business when you cannot physically be there. 

These systems transmit real-time images of your home or business to your smartphone or laptop.Providing you with 24/7 visual access to the exterior and interior of any building, state-of-the-art security cameras come in a variety of sizes to accommodate many areas, from recessed corners inside your home to long driveways to extended parking lots.Wireless security camera installation is also much easier and less time-consuming than "wired" security camera systems. No wires are needed to operate the system because the system relies on digital technology to operate. Thus, even during power interruptions, wireless security systems continue surveying your home or business.


See the difference wireless security camera systems make.

9 Advantages of Owning a Wireless Security Camera System

1. Ensures continuous monitoring of family members who are home alone (such as older children, elderly people, or those who are incapacitated);

2. Acts a crime deterrent—visible security cameras placed inside and outside your home or business announce the presence of a foolproof security system to would-be criminals;

3. Allows you to monitor your home for damage, such as burst pipes, roof leaks, or other interior issues that a contractor could repair quickly;

4. Provides proof of neighbor problems (when using exterior camera security systems) such as vicious dogs running loose, suspicious activity, and trash/clutter issues;

5. Instantly increases the value of your home and may reduce property insurance premiums;

6. Establishes the identity of criminals who break into your home to facilitate the capture and conviction of the perpetrators;

7. Wireless security camera systems are portable, and they offer more flexibility than wired security systems. Wireless systems are easily relocated, and they can be installed in areas where running wires is difficult;

8. Wireless security cameras are much more secure than wired systems because there are no wires that savvy criminals can quickly cut to disable the system;

9. Equipped with "night vision" capability, modern security cameras can transmit discernible images even in darkened or obscured conditions;

Improve Security Camera Systems with Motion Detectors

Many people integrate motion detectors with security camera systems to ensure that unwanted intruders never slip past their cameras. Containing a material (pyroelectric) that reacts to body heat (infrared radiation) by generating small amounts of electricity, motion detectors are triggered if someone enters a room being monitored by a motion detector.

When connected to a wireless security camera, a triggered motion detector makes the camera move in the direction of the infrared heat, immediately capturing images of who or what has entered the room. 

Having a complete security camera system supported by motion detectors to watch over your home or business is like having law enforcement professionals patrolling the area 24/7.

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