What would be the security industry in 2022?

Sep 10,2021

With the global economy in a deep recession by 2020, the 2021 predicts a massive corporate recovery from the downturn. 2021 could be a year of transformation, in which companies can rethink the future in the face of adversity, not just complain about the present situation. In relating report, it is noted that US consumer spending was strong in the second quarter of this year.

Industry insiders believe that in 2022 the market requirements may be released by the new crown epidemic suppressed market demand. Between 2020 and the first half of 2021, construction projects in many industries have slowed and are now accumulating large sums of money. Although the impact of some market segments are larger, but the general market will be improved steadily.

security industry market trend.jpg

Assuming the economy continues to grow at a steady pace, new growth opportunities are expected in health care, education, power and data centers. There will be some minor resistance to mixed-use commercial property as tenants and property managers redefine space planning requirements in the wake of the epidemic. Anti-epidemic rework solution has now been fully deployed, the traditional security integration needs (access control, security surveillance, alarm, etc.) will also re-emerge.

Potential challenges include new coronavirus mutations that inhibit market demand and destabilize industry supply chains, the best way for us to address these issues right now is to work closely with our service providers and OEM partners to keep close contact with end users and to meet supply and service needs in a timely and accurate manner.



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