The Opportunities for the Security System of Medical Field

Aug 10,2021

The medical field generally refers to the relevant fields surrounding medical resources, such as medical institutions at various levels, medical federations and medical communities, in the process of national medical reform, not only includes the traditional security market in the science, education, culture and health plate of the hospital, Health Insurance Bureau, Health Commission, including community hospitals, medical and patient, operating rooms, internet hospitals, ambulances and other security fields.

With the construction of large integrated security projects in safe cities and intelligent transportation, the front-end facilities are becoming more and more perfect, and the effect of increasing density and improving quality is obvious. The ability of building back-end platform also has many kinds of platform applications, such as video structuring, artificial intelligence face recognition, vehicle algorithm, data clustering, knowledge graph and so on. In the past two years, as the main battlefield of security market, public security has been brought into the field of public security along with public health security. Connecting the single hospital-based medical security market from point to point into a piece, breaking through the security content of the traditional hospital security market, such as selling cameras, selling access control, selling perimeter protection, etc. , upgrade to a new medical security market around medical institutions, medical resources, the location, status, events, resources of all-round, all-process, all-connected, all-cycle. The medical industry has grown in demand for security in several ways:

The Opportunities for the Security of Healthcaera Field

   Firstly, in terms of the existing demand for security storage, there has been an increase in the need for the whole process of perception, convergence, early warning and disposal of public health and safety events. For example, epidemiological investigations under epidemic situations have resulted in a large number of time-limited monitoring of unsafe conditions, based on the trajectory of human unsafe behavior, such needs rely on traditional video surveillance, access control, access cards can not effectively trace to the source and protection, need in outpatient, in-patient, escort, first aid and other scenarios, it involves ambulance dispatching and command, 120 command audio-video fusion communication, out-patient registration order management, early warning and prediction of key personnel, short-term and immediate warning of incident disposal and other security protection needs. It also involves the hospital to the hospital to the doctor noisy, the doctor-patient contradiction, the wound medical event, the fire fighting event, the hospital parking area peripheral treatment block, the key patient, the slow disease management, the high value consumable material management, the remote consultation, the two-way referral and so on each kind of security protection request.

   The other is that access to social video surveillance is becoming mainstream. With the continuous development of the urbanization process, there are many high-rise buildings and traffic jams, and medical institutions in the key places and key areas where people and vehicles converge. Therefore, the demand of urban fine governance extends to medical industry from the perspective of urban management.

    Thirdly, the industry management level under epidemic is significantly improved, so that information, intelligence, digital construction press the fast-forward key to move forward. It is difficult for medical institutions to face the requirements of hierarchical and classified management under the epidemic situation by means of civil defense and physical defense. Therefore, with the construction of the National Epidemic Prevention and Control Joint Prevention and Control Command system, in the short board of the three-dimensional prevention and control system of "Civil defense, material defense, technical defense and joint defense", the medical profession has produced a large number of technical defense and joint defense demands. These requirements also to the Civil Air Defense and physical defense benefit old, reuse needs to bring a large number of upgrading and transformation needs.

The epidemic situation has brought the medical field security market growth, if we could grasps the opportunities of fast development, there will be big security market in the medical field .



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