What is the security surveillance system?

Sep 16,2021

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the home and public security, better understanding the security surveillance system characteristics of your home security and public security brings great protection.  The following  home security monitoring system and its functional characteristics for your reference

1. Proper perspectives for monitoring system installation

The purpose of setting up surveillance system is not to invade the privacy of others. There is no need to think that setting up surveillance is to distrust others. On the contrary, the purpose of setting up surveillance is to protect the safety of our property, to create a safe environment for everyone. The installation of monitoring can not be said to be due to the decline of social trust, but the progress of social civilization, people pay more attention to security, know how to use technology to create a better and safer living environment.

What is the security surveillance system?

2. Monitoring features

Monitoring system in production and life is playing an important role, especially for banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, residential areas, internet cafes, public transportation and other public areas ,  also greatly enhance the safety of the home. The main features of the function of monitoring are: 

Early Warning: now monitoring have detection and alarm functions, suspicious people or events can be prevented in the first place; 

Real-time display: no matter when, you can real-time attention, 

Follow-up: video playback allows you to track events that you missed, and video files are now an important backup in your case.

Monitoring system can effectively supervise the production site work environment and production order, reduce uncivilized behavior, do a good job against theft.

3. What is the composition of the monitoring system?

The mainstream monitoring system mainly consists of four parts, camera devices, control equipment, transmission equipment, display equipment. 

Camera equipment: mainly refers to the camera and pickup. The video camera is responsible for the video, power supply and support are needed. Pickup is responsible for audio, power is needed to use, civil monitoring is rarely used.

Control Equipment: video capture card or hard disk recorder.

1) The video capture card needs to match the computer to use, needs the computer to open only then to be possible to work, the video record file stores on the computer hard disk for conveniently reading.

2) Hard disk recorder can be used for 7 * 24 all-weather video recording, hard disk is optional for individual purchase according to the needs.

Transmission Equipment: video cable, power cable, video power cable.

The video cable mainly connects the camera and the control equipment, and can transmit the video signal.

Power cord are red and black wire. Usually, there is a distance betweend the camera and power supply, then the power cord is needed for current transmission. Whilst, the video-power line can be used in a long distance, wiring inconvenient circumstances , that do not need video, power independent wiring.

Display device

The video capture card is displayed on a computer monitor, and the DVR/NVR has a dual port that connects to the TV and the LED display.

The installation of surveillance gives people many advantages, such as: round-the-clock, multi-directional surveillance, saving manpower and material resources; real-time surveillance video can be pulled out at any time to facilitate the conduct of illegal activities, restrain the behavior of people in the activity area, play a deterrent role; facilitate the management of the overall situation, to understand the production, work, improve production efficiency.



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