Functions of the smart security system

Aug 19,2021

Boosted by the development of the Internet of Things, the security industry at home and abroad is exploding and perfectly integrate with smart homes, intelligent transportation and other industries. From biometric to video surveillance, security technology has also rapidly crossed over to the intelligent process. Some data show that the total output value of the domestic security industry in 2020 has reached 500 billion RMB. Obviously, in the context of strong national support for the construction of safe cities, domestic security companies are about to usher in a new opportunity. Hereby, let's have a quick shot on the features and functions of smart security system.

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Features of Smart Security System 

1. Automatic setting of defense

Smart security system fully considers the convenience of the owner's use, when the owner goes home, in order to avoid entering the home alarm, you can call a number or send SMS through the cell phone to achieve telephone disarming, and within the set time, the villa intelligent security system will automatically start arming. The villa intelligent security system can be intelligent video alarm, local sound and light alarm, local site shouting, telephone SMS notification, remote site supervision, etc.

2. Anti-theft system

Intelligent access control and infrared curtain equipment, intelligent access control is mainly to prevent the illegal opening of the door, the device automatically alarm and send SMS or call or send WeChat to remind the owner. The role of infrared curtain is to automatically close the window and alarm notification to the owner when it encounters illegal drilling window into the room.

3. Fire prevention, gas leakage prevention, weatherproof

Through the device detection of indoor smoke concentration, gas leakage, when the wind and rain outside, the system automatically alarm and the corresponding emergency measures, intelligent detection equipment will be based on the detected data in accordance with the pre-designed program to implement the action. For example, open windows, close windows, etc.

The four functions of smart home security system

1. Panic button - a quick and easy way to ask for help in case of fire or emergency

In the home security solution, this panic button can be either a physical button or can be replaced by a touch panel, the panic button will send a signal to the home automation or building management system, the property or security center can receive an alarm notification. It is not common to install panic buttons in the home, but they are particularly suitable for families with elderly people and children, so they should be installed near the bed, in the toilet and in places where they can be easily triggered.

2. Automatic alarm and "SOS" - detection of illegal intrusion through the smart sensors installed in the home

When the sensor is triggered, the alarm host will also send out an alarm siren to alert the occurrence of abnormalities, and the alarm signal will also be sent to the property department through the home terminal or building management system. The monitoring center and property security personnel who receive the alarm can immediately call the police or go to the home to check the situation in case of an untoward event.

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3. Alarm and event management

When the head of the household leaves the home, the intelligent home security alarm system will start by itself, always in the "ready" state. Alarm event management is when the alarm is triggered in the home, the terminal control system will display the type of alarm, such as door and window alarms, gas alarms and even the possibility of the elderly fallen alarm.

4. Automatic dialing notification system - allow users to set multiple emergency contact number

Different types of alarms can be triggered to contact different people, and users can also set the alarm system to send alarm information to the cell phone in the form of push, this automatic remote alarm notification is very common in home security systems.



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