Global Top 10 Video Surveillance Enterprises

Nov 25,2021

For any industry, the rank list is always exciting. The annual A & S Global Security Top 50 list has been released again, but there are a lot of new faces this time as well as the strong performance of Hikvision, Dahua and Uniview.  Perhaps, the epidemic brought serious impace on the security industry ,the shuffle is almost completed. After the shuffle, Chinese enterprises are still mainly ruling power.

According to the ranking list, this year's Top 10 Global Video Monitoring Companies are: Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Motorola Solutions, Uniview, Tiandy, TKH Group, Hanwha Techwin, Infinova and Streamax.

2021 Global Top 10 Security Enterprises

From this list, it is not difficult to see that the competitiveness of Chinese brands in the head is still gradually strengthening. In addition to the dominant Hikvision, Dahua shares also surpassed Axis to become the 2nd Giant, which laid the world-wide leading pattern of Chinese security. After two big supergiants, the Uniview and Tiandy also are maintaining their exuberant development strength. According to the solution released this year, Uniview has been transitioning from the B terminal to the G terminal, especially the intelligent police service. At present, Uniview multi-set of programs are outstanding in the application of intelligent police. In addition to Uniview, the security giant Tiandy in the north also performed very well. In recent years, with the continuous widening of channels, its overseas business has developed vigorously. Numerous sources of funding and strong access to resources to make it as a security giant in the north,the momentum of Tiandy is undoubtedly alternative but also successful. With the deepening of the intelligence degree of security in the north, the Tiandy also entered the stage of high-speed development. Overall, China's domestic security companies are still very dominant in the international market.

For foreign companies, the impact of the epidemic on their current situation may not be so optimistic. After the epidemic, foreign security enterprises can be described as a "Shuffle". The first is the transformation of the venerable security giant Bosch, whose financial statements have been merged directly with its parent company since its transform into the smart building. It is a pitty that Bosch would not in the Ranking list. Aside from Bosch's disappearance,. After nearly two years of acquisitions and a $760 million lawsuit, Motorola has reached a high level of overall security and turnover. However, this kind of enterprise polymer in the security industry is still a question. While, Axisas as a giant of smart locks, with the advent of an all-round intelligent age, has also encountered development-related bottlenecks. Smart Locks are an important category for smart city development, Axis profit margins are sure to continue to erode in the future as solutions become more integrated. 

All kinds of signs show that foreign security companies are rapidly reshuffle in recent years, and this may be one of the few opportunities for Chinese enterprises to enter the foreign capital market. However, no matter how the overall environment changes, as far as the information revealed in the current list is concerned, the security industry is still a decisive industry by large enterprises, which means that they want to make money, they have to keep pushing at the technical level.

According to the list, although the 50 security companies' total revenue was $25.12 billion in 2020, the top 10 has already passed the $20 billion mark, its overall revenue still accounts for 80.4% of the global security market. The higher the ranking, the greater the advantage for the next firm. It can be said that each of the top ten list has a considerable advantage over the next enterprise.



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