The development trend of video surveillance security industry

Sep 17,2021

Did you get the development trend of the video surveillance security industy?

The concentration of the video security industry is increasing

Recent years, there has been a trend of reorganization, merger and joint development of security video surveillance. The integration of technology, brands and capital will be deepened. Cooperation among enterprises has expanded from products and channels to the level of capital and brands, and the concentration of the video surveillance industry has accelerated and the market share has further concentrated into the mainstream enterprises. Many small and medium-sized companies are gradually acquired by the mainstream enterprises or eliminated in the market because of the lack of sustained competitive strength.

Consumer markets, R & D center, and production bases continue to shift to the asia-pacific region represented by China

The domestic chips rise and develop gradually, and enter the mainstream market which reduce the entire profession production cost, promote the security video surveillance professional development. Since 2015, China's video surveillance market has reached more than 40% of the global scale, becoming the world's largest consumer market for security video surveillance. Domestic video surveillance market will continue to maintain high-speed growth, its importance and influence in security industry will continue to increase.

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Technological innovation becomes the core competitiveness of enterprises

With the years' development of surveillance security industry, the market competition is increasingly standardized, transparent, competitive direction gradually turned to products' innovation, performance, quality, brand, service all-round rational competition. While, technological changes and product upgrades have continuously expanded and extended the application space of video security systems, and the technologies and concepts of Internet of things, cloud computing and big data have continuously penetrated the video ecurity industry, which makes technological innovation be the most important factor in competitiveness. The different and customized demands of customers in different industries also urge enterprises to enrich their product lines and attach importance to technological innovation.

Demand expands in emerging economies

According to public information, the video surveillance market in developed countries in Europe and the United States has maintained rapid growth in recent years, and has now entered the stage of upgrading products to be "high-definition, networked and intelligent." At the same time, the video surveillance market demands in china, India, Brazil and other emerging economies expand rapidly.

For emerging economies such as Asia, the Middle East and Central & South America, which have accelerated their transformation, economic growth has paralleled social transformation, many factors, such as the expansion of the middle and upper classes and the increase of social mobility, have led to the increasing complexity of equipment security prevention, and the investment in maintaining public security is expected to show a rapid growth trend in the future, emerging economies security video surveillance market will maintain high growth.

In general, the continuous attention of governments to security issues, the progress of IT communication, biometrics and other related technologies, as well as the globalization trend of security video surveillance market and the upgrade demand from Europe and America and the new increase demand from emerging markets will make the video surveillance market keep growing steadily.



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