What is a Smart Home

Sep 30,2017

What is a Smart Home?

A 'smart home' is a home that is equipped with technology to remotely control and automate household systems like lighting, doors, thermostats, entertainment systems, security alarms, surveillance cameras and other connected appliances. But it’s more than just remote controls. Smart home transcends the remote controls and programmable settings that have been standard home features for the past several decades, to create a unified home monitoring, control, energy conservation, ecosystem.

What is a Smart Home

The Intelligence Layer

Aside from features, the term ‘smart home’ implies intelligence. To match the description must possess sensing, data processing, and wireless communication functions that are secondary to their primary purpose. Those secondary functions should feed input into a central hub to create something like a home’s brain. With all those features in place, a smart home becomes capable of learning the habits and routines of the occupants and automatically adjusting the home control systems in ways that streamline the mundane tasks that come with operating a modern household.  

What Are Some Features Available for Smart Homes?

It's important to know you can customize home automation to meet virtually any need you have. Key ways to create a smart home; include the following:

Save on Energy with a Thermostat

Minimize energy consumption with a programmable smart thermostat; that you can control from anywhere and adjust to fit your needs. A smart thermostat minimizes the need for heating or cooling an empty home and saves you money without extra effort.

Control Door Access

Control your doors with security systems;. Locking and unlock doors from any location, access door monitors so you can see who is at the door, and utilize lighting control to illuminate spaces for added protection. You can even use smart locks to create custom passcodes to provide a guest their own door access.

What is a Smart Home

Monitor Your Home Through Video

Smart homes include different types of HD video camera to help you monitor doorways and other entrance points, or keep an eye on the kids, the dog, or the babysitter. Surveillance cameras provide a clear picture of what's happening in your home at any time, whether you are in the basement, at work, or on vacation.

Control the Garage Door

Did you forget to close it? Just log in to the smart home's system and find out. Some smart home systems will even send you a mobile notification when you leave the garage door open. With a quality mobile smart home app, you can close or open the garage door whenever you want, from wherever you are.

Ensure Your Home Remains Safe

Security is more than just crime preventions. With a smart home system, you can include fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors. You can also use motion detection, glass break detectors, flood and freeze sensors, small appliance controls, and panic pendants. A smart home can do all of this and much more. Best of all, you can rest easy, knowing at any point that your home is secure and your family is safe.

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