Smart Home Solution Wired VS Wireless, Which is Better?

Aug 03,2021

There are two kinds of communication modes in smart home: Wireless and Wired. In China, the development of wireless smart home is so fast that it occupies the majority of the market share, that many people in China know little about wired smart home. However, cable communication technology is the mainstream of smart home in foreign countries, so that a domestic smart home brand to wireless-based, and cable smart home by foreign brands firmly "Monopoly" situation. So, smart home wired and wireless which is good? What should we do when installing a smart home?

Which is better, wired or wireless?

Someone could argue that wireless smart homes are more advanced and cutting edge, and represent the future of smart homes. Another could argue that, as the most advanced country in the world, American households are more likely to choose wired smart homes, that's why wired smart homes are better. The prospector just want to say that it is not proper to jump rashly to the conlusion in despite of real using scenarios.

First of all, let's take a look at why foreign wired smart home is more popular. Since the 1970s, based on the research and development of wired communication, the field bus communication protocols such as CresNet, C-BUS, X-10 control bus, PLCBUS, Cebus, 485 bus and EIB/KNX have appeared in the foreign intelligent home industry. At present the most famous is the EIB/KNX, that is, the European bussing technology, such as FAST Think Cong, ABB, Schneider and other international brands are using this bussing technology. The advantages of wired data technology are high reliability, high transmission rate, strong anti-interference,and not affected by the environment.

Smart Home Solution Wired VS Wireless, which is better?

Why is wired smart home more popular abroad? On the one hand, the wired smart home technology has been developed for a long time in foreign countries and has a broad user base, they are accustomed to using the wired smart home. On the other hand, the houses of foreign families are mainly small villas or small foreign houses, housing area is larger, the transmission range and stability requirements are higher, and wired smart home can better meet their requirements for stability.

But the flip side of "Stability"also means it's not easy to reinvent. The product of wired communication technology adopts the way of centralized additional wiring, which usually costs more, has longer construction period and is complicated after-sale maintenance. In the housing renovation period, they should have lines pre-installed. If the line damage, household equipment control failure, high maintenance costs. Complicated wiring, installation and construction problems, fixed system functions, poor scalability and other problems lead to wire smart home manufacturers products are generally applicable to the front market.

Wireless Smart Home, it is based on wireless technology from the wired smart home on a transformation, mainly through 433/315, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zwave and ZigBee wireless technology, so that people can achieve remote control of the home, get out of the wire. Wireless smart home is started nor more than 20 years ago, but became the meat and potatoes of the Chinese market very soon.

First of all, from the angle of costs, the cabling scheme needs to buy additional cables, need to conduct complex wiring operation, after the cabling system will be hidden, need to invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. For many consumers, this is a greater burden of spending. If the old house to upgrade the smart home system, then the need for construction will be more places, the cost will increase. Wireless smart home solution is flexible and convenient, it can be a perfect solution to these problems.

Secondly, wireless communication technology updates faster and can be updated to the cloud. Based on these, people could have a better using experience. What's more, with the rapid development of 5G technology and Internet of things technology, the wireless smart home has made great progress in power consumption, transmission distance, transmission rate and anti-interference, it's already available for most home applications.

In a word, the wired smart home solution is suitable for the scene with high requirement of transmission distance and anti-interference, especially for the control of large area such as intelligent building and intelligent residential area. Wireless smart home solution in the delicate use of the scene, such as the sweet home, would give a better use experience.

Which one you will choose for your placid home?

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