Black Body for Thermal Imaging Camera


Black Body for Thermal Imaging Camera

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As a standard infrared radiation source, blackbody is widely used for calibration of infrared optical system, measurement of emissivity of various materials, calibration of infrared detectors and infrared radiation instruments.

According to the needs of infrared radiation thermometer, forehead thermometer and thermal imager calibration, we developed this blackbody. 

The integrated structure of the furnace body and the temperature control instrument is used, and the appearance design is novel. The heating body is isolated from the casing. 

Even if the black body works at 50°C, the casing is not affected. In order to prolong the service life of the blackbody furnace, the software voltage limiting method is adopted, and no high-power transformer is needed.

Usually it is used along with our GZ-RCX-J07 thermal imaging camera




Composed of Black Body:

Radiation surface and cavity are made of special materials. The radiating surface is flat type, there is a temperature measuring hole at the bottom of the cavity, and a high emissivity coating is applied on the surface of the cavity. 

    The temperature control sensor is placed in the heating body. If the PID is selected properly, the temperature rise speed is fast and the temperature stability is good;

     there is an insulation layer and a protective shell outside the cavity.

Radiation box includes radiator and automatic temperature dissipation device.

Intelligent temperature control and temperature measurement device, one instrument can control temperature and measure temperature.



Feature and Advantages


Automatic temperature control, safe and reliable, fast heating speed, good temperature stability.

Easy to operate, small in size and light in weight, easy to carry, not only suitable for laboratory calibration, but also for on-site calibration.

 Use double-row digital display to display the measured value and set value, simple parameter setting, high precision temperature measurement.

After the product is sold, we provide a free one-year warranty service to the customer, but does not include the damage caused by human or improper use factors.


Control Panel

               black body for thermal imaging camera (1).jpg

The operation steps are below:

Connect the cable well, and power on.

Press the “Lock & unlock temperature setting” button

Press the “decrease temperature” or “Increase Temperature” button to change the setting value, the practical value will be changed, and wait for the practical value stable.

If the setting value need to be changed after power on for every time, then change the setting value to target value, and hold on “Lock & unlock temperature setting” button for around 2 seconds, after LED flash, the setting value is saved for the next time power on





Temperature range(℃)

+5℃~50℃(indoor temperature)

Opening diameter

50 x 50mm

Effective emissivity


Temperature resolution


Temperature stability




Fixed point calibration



220V±10% 50Hz

Working environment

0℃~50℃ Humidity≤90%RH


190 x 120 x 160mm(containing the anchor)

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